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Medical IT Services

Medical IT and HIPAA Compliance

At Spyderweb Communications, we design and install HIPAA compliant computer networks. We conduct security audits and correct HIPAA compliancy issues for healthcare practices. We work on all the aspects of computer systems and data storage to satisfy HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA compliance is about protecting your data from unauthorized access whether through unprotected user accounts in the office, vulnerabilities in your computer network or through lost or stolen storage media or devices.

You know that as a healthcare provider, you must ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations when you collect, access, transmit and store patient information on your computer network. Our HIPAA security audit will put your mind at ease.

We will audit all of these things

  • Firewall ports and network access
  • PCI Security and Compliance Testing
  • Anti-virus and malware scans
  • Protection of your physical storage media from loss or damage.
  • Plan for making backups and offsite storage of media or data.
  • Examine your computer network logs for evidence of security issues
  • Maintenance of user accounts users uniquely identified, authenticated with appropriate access to patient data
  • Discuss your plan to document and respond to incidents, whatever their nature, including recording the incident and the resolution.

Using the results of this audit, we will create a HIPPA compliant patient information management computer network security and information management system. This starts with a securely designed network or appropriate network upgrades. For details about our network installation and upgrade service see Business IT Support.

We can also provide ongoing management of your computer network and conduct security audits on a regular basis so that you stay HIPAA compliant.

Ongoing computer network management is a cost effective and worry-free way to keep your computer system up-to-date. Spyderweb Communications Management service provides 24 hour per day monitoring, patch management, and log monitoring for a nominal cost. For details about our service see Managed IT Services.

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