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Commodity hardware, in an IT context, is a device or device component that is relatively inexpensive, widely available and more or less interchangeable with other hardware of its type. To be interchangeable, commodity hardware is usually broadly compatible and can function on a plug and play basis with other commodity hardware products. In this context, a commodity item is a low-end but functional product without distinctive features. A commodity computer, for example, is a standard-issue PC that has no outstanding features and is widely available for purchase.

The answer is simply yes, We have save our customers thousand of dollars by utilizing VOIP, Replace your existing telephone lines with SIP Trunks and reduce your telecommunications spend by 50-70%! You can even keep using your current phone equipment. All you have to do is select the number of office locations, number of phone lines and types of phone numbers. SIP Trunking Offers Substantial Savings and High Quality • Radically reduce phone line costs by up to 50-70% • No capital expense; maintain current infrastructure investment • Unlimited local and LD calling plans available • All installation, management, and support is handled by Spyderweb Communications who is certified with VOIP and SIP Trunking

A private cloud is when you own the hardware, and it sits under your roof. This cloud still would have the elasticity, high availability, and scale ability as a the public cloud, but your data would be more secure and workloads tend to run better locally.

Spyderweb Communications services the greater Puget Sound area.

We work with all different types of businesses, rather it be Retail, Medical, Automotive, Dental, Industrial, and Home Office. Spydrwerweb Communications offers technology solutions for just about any type of business.

Here at Spyderweb Communications were really good at making technology useful for people and businesses. We use technology to solve business issues, solving them for today and for tomorrow.

Yes. We are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. There is no additional charge as well.


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