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5 Features of Kubernetes Technology
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5 Features of Kubernetes Technology

5 Features of Kubernetes Technology

Kubernetes is at the heart of Docker technology. It is the underlying support that helps Docker to run smoothly and efficiently, and while it currently only supports Docker technology there is definitely room for future growth and expansion. Here are 5 features of this new container management technology:


Kubernetes’ portability makes it a great choice for those who need access to the kind of container sorting and management that Kubernetes provides without worrying about the type of cloud that they are working with. Kubernetes supports private, public and hybrid cloud situations just to name a few.


For all of the functionality that Kubernetes provides, it maintains an amazingly small footprint. It does not take up massive amounts of space or energy to run and work well within your system. It is easily accessible and provides the best sorting and management capacities possible for all of the user containers that need organization.

3.Room for Integration

One of the best things about Kubernetes is that it provides developers with a way to bring in their own services and products, and then make them native to this new technology. There are actually quite a few services that are already working under this system and even a couple that come with the ability to merge with Kubernetes seamlessly. It makes the integration process that much easier and simpler for everyone involved.


Kubernetes is an extremely flexible technology to work with. It is able to compartmentalize all of the user containers into nodes, pods, and then separate those by the services they each provide. The fantastic thing about this system is that it completely customizable, giving the user total control over what each node is made up of. This ability makes Kubernetes that much more desirable as it provides all of the benefits of a hard-working container support system without requiring massive amounts of time and manual labor to make it work.

5.Open Sourced

Last, but not least, and perhaps Kubernetes’ strongest feature, it is an open-sourced technology. This means that developers and other users who rely on this type of technology for their Linux based servers are able to rely on and use this service without going through a lot of hassle and red tape to do so. This open-sourced feature also means that developers have complete freedom to edit and compartmentalize everything that they are working with free from any kind of restrictions, as well as implement and deploy any services that they deem necessary within the Kubernetes network.

Kubernetes is perhaps one of the strongest technologies that has come out in recent years and could very well redefine the future of cloud-based services and networks. Even though it is in its early stages and is a 1.0 technology, it has already caught the attention, and backing, of major companies such as Microsoft and IBM and is continuing to grow at an amazingly rapid rate. By taking advantage of this new technology and all that it has to offer, you can be sure to guarantee your spot on the ride to success. Contact Spyder Web Communications in Tacoma, WA today to learn more about Kubernetes Technology.

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